Accent Card: a loyalty scheme that is valid in many hotels in France and Europe.

Enjoy numerous advantages by earning points for each night spent in any mid-range INTER-HOTEL, low-price P’tit Dej-HOTELs (1 or 2 stars), as well as in any high-end QUALYS-HOTEL and Relais du Silence establishment (3 and 4 stars).
– This is a free, no obligation card and is available directly at our hotel.
– A multi-brand loyalty scheme: you will be able to use your Accent Card in any hotel belonging to these 4 brands.
– Collect points from your very first stay and quickly earn rewards.
– No registration period, collect points from your very first night.
Create Your Card Online

Create Your Card Online

How can I build up points on my Accent Card?

You earn points for each night spent in a SEH (Société Européenne d’Hôtellerie) upon presentation of your Accent Card at the hotel reception when you settle your bill at checkout. Valid for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights*.
– 2 Accent points for one night in a P’tit Dej-HOTEL
– 3 Accent points for one night in an INTER-HOTEL
– 4 Accent points for one night in a QUALYS-HOTEL or Relais du Silence establishment.

These points are valid for up to 2 years after they are awarded.

Unlock increasingly fantastic rewards with your loyalty points

You can exchange your points for rewards even at your 2nd stay:
– 20 points: one bottle of Laurent-Perrier** Brut L-P champagne in a box,
– 30 points: an immediate 40€ discount,
– 40 points: a 50€ gift card (valid 1 year in SEH Group hotels and restaurants),
– 100 points: a 120€ card to go towards a Relais du Silence gift package.

Manage your Accent Card account online

You can manage your Accent Card loyalty account once you have logged into your customer account on all SEH websites, the multi-brand website as well as each brand’s specific website: Inter-Hotel, P’tit Dej-Hotel, Qualys-Hotel and Relais du Silence.

Earn bonus points with online bookings

Get one additional Accent bonus point for each booking on any SEH website. The Group will credit your account at the end of your stay at your chosen hotel. Build-up “classic” Accent points that are given at our hotel and the Bonus Web Point and enjoy those rewards even more quickly!
Find out more about the Accent Card loyalty scheme’s general terms and conditions of use.

* Benefits and rewards are subject to the loyalty scheme terms and conditions that can be downloaded from this website.
** The SEH (Société Européenne d’Hôtellerie) reserves the right to offer a different brand of champagne.
*** See the extract from the Accent Card’s general terms and conditions of use.