The Basque Country offers a rich variety of local produce from both sea and land. Our light and generous cuisine places them center stage.
In their modern and creative gastronomic cuisine, Xabi and Patrice Ibarboure associate and combine locally sourced produce to transform your meal into a real experience that celebrates taste.

As the different seasons come and go, the cooking and pastry team invite you to share the produce from our favorite local suppliers that we love to place center stage: salmon from the River Adour, Kintoa Basque pork, red fruits from the village of Mendionde, gingerbread from Ainhoa, pimento peppers from Anglet and Espelette, Mr. Duplantier’s poultry, Pyrenean lamb, Ossau Iraty cheese, the list goes on.

Enjoy an early stroll in the park, awaken your senses: the day’s grand concert has started in the kitchens!
The tantalizing smell of crusty bread that has just come out of the oven blends with the morning fragrances.
Come a little closer and you will surely see Pierre, the second-in-command, busy preparing some fish. Xabi, totally absorbed in making sauces, will probably not see you, but the divine aromas drifting from his pans are sure to make you feel hungry!

Listen… the clinking rhythms of the stove, pots, pans and spoons announce the symphony orchestrated by all the kitchen staff!
Are your taste buds ready?
The fireworks are about to begin, Xabi and his brother Patrice have decided to combine local products with gastronomy.