parentsTHE FAMILY – Yesterday.

In 1952, Michel and Jeanne opened a grocery store in the heart of Guethary opposite the church, marking the beginning of the Ibarboure family’s passion for the catering and hospitality professions.
Over time, the idea of creating a hotel took shape. In 1966, the family home, Briketenia, was transformed into a hotel and family guest house that welcomed summer holiday-makers.
Philippe and Martin, born in 1950 and 1958, grew up amid the hubbub of dishes, pots and pans of their parent’s guest house. It was, therefore, only natural that they turned towards the restaurant industry, Philippe, the eldest, became a chef and his brother a pastry chef!
In 1978, Philippe, who had been giving a helping hand to his parents over the last few summers, was joined by his wife, Anne-Marie. They then opened Brikitenia to non-residents by creating a restaurant. In 1983, Martin and his wife, Marie-Claude, joined the team. The restaurant gained recognition with both the clientele and professionals and was awarded a Michelin star in 1983.
Dreaming of space and greenery, the business was separated in 1988. The parents, Michel and Jeanne, remained in charge of the hotel business in Briketenia; while their two sons, Philippe, Martin, and their wives moved just half a mile away to create a restaurant that they named “La Table des Frères Ibarboure”.
Nestling in tree-filled grounds, the gastronomic restaurant La Table des Frères Ibarboure welcomed a variety of customers, including families and, right from the very start, worked with locally-sourced produce. Faithful to their cuisine, Philippe and Martin kept the Michelin star, received honors, distinctions and awards from different restaurant guides such as Les Clefs d’Or by Gault & Millau, the Bottin Gourmand and the Hubert guide book. As highly engaged professionals, they also are members of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe and the Maître Cusiniers de France.
In 2001, La Table des Frères Ibarboure expanded by adding accommodation to their offering. At the time the 4-star hotel had 8 high-standard guest rooms and in 2006 an additional 4 rooms completed the offering.


familleTHE FAMILY – Today

Today the family story continues with Philippe, Anne-Marie, Xabi, Soline and Patrice at LES FRÈRES IBARBOURE – table et hostellerie.
Indeed, in 2008, Philippe and Martin decided to separate the houses in order to be able to accompany their children who had chosen the same profession. Martin and his wife returned to Briketenia, while Philippe and Anne-Marie continued the adventure at LES FRÈRES IBARBOURE – table et hostellerie.
Philippe and Anne-Marie, present for over 20 years now, continue to steer the ship with a steady hand. Philippe, the artist in charge of the kitchen, relies on his wife, Anne-Marie, to make each customer feel at home and ensure that all administrative matters, both small and large, are smoothly handled.
Around the same time as their Spring wedding in 2008 Xabi, Philippe and Anne-Marie’s eldest son, and his wife Soline joined the family adventure, each with a special role to play.
Xabi, drawing on already-gained experience, assists Philippe in the kitchen. Soline, whose curiosity always has her peeking into the kitchen, has joined Anne-Marie in greeting the customers and guiding them throughout their culinary experience.
Little by little, the new generation has made its mark on the business. The clientele discovered with great pleasure Xabi’s cuisine that, like his father’s, combines tradition with modernity. The restaurant’s different dining rooms were also, one after the other, redecorated.
In spring 2013, Patrice Ibarboure joined the family business, drawing on his experience gained in the most prestigious restaurants in Paris and New York.
A new adventure has begun for the two brothers, under the cheerful and watchful eye of their father, Philippe Ibarboure.
The family business continuous seamlessly with the 3rd generation…