Philippe’s eldest son discovered cooking with his grand-parents and parents in the family’s guest house.
Xabi is a perfectionist. Very self-demanding, he strives to surpass himself in everything he sets about doing: he is a man who likes to rise to a challenge. This is expressed not only in his cuisine, he’s always looking for new tastes and techniques, but also in sports (Basque Pelote, running…).
He trained at the Hospitality School of Biarritz. In 2003, after obtaining his culinary diplomas, (BAC and BTS), he decided to leave his native Basque Country. After working at Les Frères Pourcel in Montpellier, he spent two years at the 3 Michelin-starred La Côte Saint Jacques in Joigny, a family business run by Jean-Michel Lorain. In 2005, he went to the Meurice in Paris and experienced the rigor of being part of a great Palace on the quest for three coveted stars by working alongside Yannick Alleno.
After these rich learning experiences, he returned to the family business, Les Frères Ibarboure – table et hostellerie in 2008, accompanied by his wife Soline. The first years were spent working in duo with his father. Then progressively, he brought his personal touch and creativity to the kitchen. He has now been in charge of the kitchen since 2012. His brother Patrice, the pastry chef, joined him in 2013. Together they form the new generation of the Ibarboure Brothers.
A hands-on chef, close to his team and the produce he prepares, Xabi needs to feel, taste and touch ingredients that are a real source of inspiration for his cuisine.
A loving father, he finds his balance and energy with his children.



He has been immersed in the restaurant industry since he was a child. So when he finished school, it was an obvious choice for him to follow in his parents’ and grand-parents’ footsteps… At 20 years-old, after finishing his studies at the Hospitality School of Biarritz, this enthusiastic pastry chef decided to head for Paris.
He spent five years working in the heart of the capital: two years at the Fauchon boutique, a year and a half with the great Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire, and a year at the Crillon Palace. At the end of 2011, he flew to the other side of the Atlantic, to New York, and joined another great Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Boulud.
After these rich experiences and brimming with ideas for delicious desserts, he decided to return to the family business and joined his brother, Xabi Ibarboure, in April 2013.
A veritable perfectionist and an artist at heart, he approaches each dessert creation as a true challenge. In a constant quest for new ideas for his desserts and artistic sugar creations, he is often seen browsing through not only pastry books but also art books, interior design catalogues and blogs by fellow pastry chefs…
Patrice is a nature-lover and in his free time he enjoys outdoor sports and escaping to the ocean.



Born in 1950 in Guéthary in the family home, Philippe discovered the pleasures of food at his father’s grocery store.
In 1966, he obtained the CAP culinary diploma and naturally came to help in the family’s guest house that had just been created at Briketenia. From 1967 to 1977, he alternated summer seasons in the family’s guest house with learning experiences in the greatest kitchens of France and Europe (in Hamburg, London, Méribel, and Paris at the Relais St Germain, the Hotel du Louvre, and at the French ministry of African Affairs…).
In 1978, he married Anne-Marie from the Basque village of Hasparren and they both settled definitively in Briketenia, turning it into a gastronomic restaurant open all year round.
The highest praise came in 1983 when he was awarded a Michelin star. Their two sons, Xabi and Patrice, were born in 1982 and 1986.
In 1988, Philippe spread his wings and opened with his brother Martin and their wives La Table des Frères Ibarboure a few miles away in Bidart.
Currently retired, he can always be found, never very far away, in a corner of the kitchen or the garden, where he keeps a watchful eye over developments.